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    LS Pole Display are gaining the volume of sales in retails shop billing counter solutions. This POS Pole Display can be mounted with any Retails POS Systems and Softwares. It's plug and play operation can help people to integrate with their system very easily. Most of the shopping malls, super markets,  food joints counters are keeping LS Pole Display for the convenience of their retail customers. 




    • Adjustable Pole Heights
    • Highly Bright VFD with Green or Blue Filter
    • 2*20 Characters Display
    • 360 Degree Rotatable Display
    • Interface:USB

    ​LS Brand MSR-  A product of Logon Systems Pvt. Ltd has a high sensitive readability. An unique in its kind - This magnetic stripe reader can perform with any POS Hardware  and Softwares. Easy to install with plug and play mode. This POS Supporting MSRs have been used in retails shops, other show rooms and outlets. It s high frequency mode enable it to read all major debit/ credit cards and privilege cards also. It also can be mounted on POS Systems easily, fast and accuracy rates are more then other convenstional same category devices in the market. All major POS distributors are demanding and increasing the volume of this MSR sales in India. So we are happy to serve them better every time.


    • Compact and Elegant Design
    • USB Interface
    • 3 Full Tracks

    Sleek,User-Friendly Design:Ultra-lightweight this LS PDA device provides instinctive data entry and comfortable single handed use.   A product of Logon Systems Pvt. Ltd  gives an edge to the end user to easily collect their required stock datas. Its featured with Real Time Wireless Communication Advanced integrated 802.11b/g technology delivers real-time network access to critical information and supports advanced wireless security standards. It can synchronized with all leading POS Software and Hardware Systems with an easy integration. Seamless connectivity provides your usages in Gowdowns, Logistics companies, Retails Shops, Super Markets, Transports , Courier Companies and Warehouses etc. A rugged and reliable products you can lean on- LS PDA.

    LS POS Barcode Scanner stand  holder helps to keep barcode scanner in safe mode and  protected. Yet another POS peripherals from the leading POS manufacturer Logon Systems Pvt. help the retailer POS Systems and counters in neat look. This scanner holder can keep intact and users can do their bill scanning and process easily without taking it each time while doing retail billing. So people buy this scanner stand along with the purchase of POS Systems and other  related peripherals. 

    A rugged, handy and elegant stand has strong base, which won't frail easily.