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  • Thermal Printer

    LS 230

    Low Noise thermal printing with auto paper cutter

    Easy Paper Loading by drop load Mechanism


    High Resolution Printing (576dots/line Or 512dots/line)

    Support Logo Printing , Can skip spaces , Alarm Option

    USB, Parallel,Serial and Ethernet Interfaces



    LS Thermal receipt printers are best in performance, speed and durability. Hence this has become the leading and one of the most selling thermal printers in India for Point of Sale (POS). This LS brand made of Logon Systems Pt. Ltd have been using at all POS related retail billing industries like, hospitals, food courts, food joints, shopping malls, super markets, mini super markets, most of the showrooms, token vending places like banks, doctors chambers etc. A quality product, LS thermal printers has gained a great demand in India at present. Moreover LS Thermal Printers service supports are more reliable then others in the market and since its launch  there aint reported any performance delay or material defects. LS thermal printers undergoes all stringent test for qualifying by its R&D Team for the best performing delivery.


    Connecting your printer with a USB cable limits mobility and access to your printer, not to mention the ugly cable running through your office. You can solve these problems with a Bluetooth Printer. It is simple to set up and use but is more appropriate for small office spaces and a limited number of users.




    This LS Bluetooth Thermal Printer is a new entrant in the POS family. This  Bluetooth thermal printer gives you the convenience mobility, you can carry along and do your receipt issuing process at anywher you wish to. A rugged and portable thermal printer manufactured by Logon Systems Pvt. Ltd  can cater all your requirements of distribution and retails selling through van sales or other mode of transportation sales


    Wi-Fi printers are accessible over a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi normally uses a similar radio band to Bluetooth, but with more power. Devices that connect over a Wi-Fi network must be within about 100 meters of a central wireless access point. Using Wi-Fi to connect to your printer is more appropriate if you have a larger office space with more employees.




    LS WiFi receipt thermal printers are quite demanding one in the market now. The leading POS Machine and Peripheral manufacturer Logon Systems Pvt. Ltd are bringing this WiFi printer as smart piece for the POS enabled billing industries like multiple counter billing retail shops, show rooms, movie ticket counters, medical and hospitality industries  and all stock keeping, labeling process also can be used.  A vibrant performer steals the attention of POS hardware and peripherals distributors in India.